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How to get the free gift?

In order to thanks for all customers supporting and return for everyone here, we will send you a gift for free and at the same time we have a range of discount in
The detail of the activity
1) If you bought anything in our EBay shop from 2008, you can choose a gift which marked ① for free from YOOCART
2) If you buy up to 300$(210€ )during 5/15/2009 to 7/01/2009, you can choose a gift which marked ② for free from YOOCART
3) If you buy up to 500$ (355€ )during 5/15/2009 to 7/01/2009, you can choose a gift which marked ③ for free from YOOCART
4) Another, all gifts are not fit you, you can change it to the Cash volume of you gift, with this money you can buy any items from YOOCART or buy the game gold in my partners- ,, and
5) If you change the gift to Cash volume, here is the reference: gift①= 3$(2€ )gift②=5$(3.5€ )and gift③=10$ (7.0€ )
6)  At the same time, all our old customers that wherever you from our EBay shop or YOOCART you can enjoy the wholesale price in YOOCART; in addition the shipping is free too.
Notice: Please don't take the Coupon Code more than one time with one person
How to confirm the accumulation purchasing volume during the activity period
In order to you can get the gift intact, please confirm the following information before we send you gift.
1) Use you Paypal email address to send me an email to and tell me which gift you want us send to you.
2) We will statistics how many you bought during the activity period in 15mins after we received you email, and then we will send an email about the detail of you bought and your Coupon Code, at the same time we will tell you to contact our service online 24/7.(Please protect your Coupon Code because it is only one). One Coupon Code can not use the twice.
3) We will recode the all you detail in you order after you exchange you Coupon Code.
4) Maybe you money in you Coupon Code don't use clean in one time, don't worry, the servers will recode it in you YOOCART account.
The steps and ways to receive gift
1) First please contact us online service in 24/7 and they will give you Coupon Code to exchange the gift.
2) The customers from our EBay shop please go to, and register a account of you in the (please sure you shipping address and the true email address, it is very important for us to ship you gift truly)
3) Choose the‘Gifts and Party Supplies’- Gift partners area in the to choose the gift you want, and then check the order number and the kind of gift you choose, of course first you must guarantee the address you give us is the right and I can ship the gift to you smoothly
4) Last please write you Coupon Code and anything you want to tell me in the Comments of you order, and then click GO PAY to complete you order. (Notice you are not to pay for you order, because you used our Coupon Code)
5) At the same time, you can take you Coupon Code instead of money, you can buy any items with this money in, when you order the items with this money please write you Coupon Code and the words you want to tell us in Comments and complete you order. After that please contact online service on, they will change the item price for you and you can made you order completed.
6) Of course if you want to take this money to buy the game gold you want you can go to one of websites of our partners (,, or ) and you can link the services online 24/7 and then you can buy the game gold you want with this money.
7) After the all is done, the service on will send you an email to you account email (please guarantee you email address are useful) in, in email is the address you want us to ship and confirm you order information, and you should reply this email to confirm you information, the will ship you item after you reply the email confirm all the information
 (If you have any question. please contact our online services 24/7, we will do our best for you)
In the step, you gift order is finished, and we will ship you item in the first time, you will receive you gift in 10-20 work days if you address is right, in addition please check if it is the gift that you choosing in
Friendly Tip: The right of activity final interpretation turns over to our website. If you have other good ideas and suggestions, please email to tell us! We will serve you faithfully! Finally, I wish you a relaxed shopping and a good mood!


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