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The solution about some problem of i68 cell phone

1. How to open the cell phone?

S'il vous plaît cliquez sur le bouton pour les 10 secondes, jusqu'à l'image ponctuée apparaissent!

2. how to plug in SIM card ?

plug in SIM card 1,chip face upplug in SIM card 2 , chip face downthe picture shows the method of plug in card

3. How to calibrate the touch screen?

find out setting

click ' pen calibration'

touch the screen

click on the top-left point, after that , the screen can be more agile.

4. How to set the language?

find out setting and click

click "phone setup"

Then click "language"

Here you can choose the language that you want

5. How to adjust the volume ?

click "call "

then click the left button

You can change the volume by yourself


6. How to set user pr ?

click "user pr "

You can choose different pr in different occation

7. How to listen to the radio ?

click "FM"

Plug the earphone ,then you can choose which you want to listen.

8.How to make the music playing?

when you load the music from internet,you need to move the music you like into "My Music" folder first,and then you can choose which one to listen
(lorsque vous chargez de la musique depuis internet, vous avez besoin de déplacer la musique que vous aimez dans "Ma Musique" dossier d'abord, et ensuite vous pouvez choisir celui qui à l'écoute)

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